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Gas & Mineral Exploration

Avanti Energy





A leader in helium extraction, Avanti is at the forefront of the industry thanks to its lucrative gas exploration assets. Since America's helium reserves are being depleted, Canada is swooping in to uphold the market and Avanti is right on top of it.

With its team of industry leading specialists, Avanti is taking the necessary steps to uncover untapped helium reserves.

With Avanti's content strategy, I honed in on showcasing their profitable assets, superior management team and powerful resources.

To entice prospective investors, you have to create interest and the best way to do so is to communicate financial security. This is why I positioned the narrative around helium as a global necessity.

This project was insightful and challenging. It pushed me to think like an investor, specifically one that had no pre-existing knowledge of the industry.

Before this project, Avanti did not have a social media strategy in place. This required more immediate research on their industry and audience. In addition, most of the initial social content was directed at driving brand awareness.

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