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HealthSpace is a Software as a service (SaaS) company that specializes in providing state and local government agencies with its platform. Its wide line of platforms enable agencies to carry out their important tasks within a secure and easy-to-use framework. It's taking the processes and technologies of the past and bringing it into the future with ease and innovation.

HealthSpace is actively connecting government organizations with its cloud- and mobile-based platforms.

With their explainer video, it was important to highlight the value of their business in terms of both the local and national demographic. As a business that operates in technology, we had the opportunity to shed light on its innovation and reliability across all sizes of government.

It was vital that we maintain the value throughout the video, touching between the financial data and necessity of the SaaS.

Investors are always on the lookout for an everlasting product or service, especially one that can grow with time. There's no stagnancy with HealthSpace.

This project raised the standards for what an explainer video is meant to do. It created interest and a sense of everlasting value that was key for driving investments.

Working with the team was a great honour; They've definitely raised the bar as to how technology can benefit governmental workflow.

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