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Jasper PIM

Product Information Management (PIM) is a concept not widely known to the general public, however its impact on the retail industry is ginormous. It's the fundamental organization of products, from the variants in colours and sizes, all the way to the discounts and sales conditions. Jasper has developed a PIM that is adaptable and scalable to different business sizes. Businesses like SkullCandy and Samsonite rely on Jasper I their day-to-day e-commerce operations.

Product information management (PIM) isn't the most well-known term. However, its necessity greatly outweighs its popularity.

Jasper PIM is at the forefront of such innovation. Basically, PIMs streamline a lot of product information processes like logging stock, adding descriptions to products, and setting up sales across E-commerce channels.

With this project, we needed to communicate the need for a PIM and the value of Jasper PIM.

Having worked with major global brands like Skullcandy, it was necessary that we highlight their expertise and powerhouse software.

I enjoyed working on this project and getting to learn more about the industry. Jon was incredibly helpful to the team, from highlighting the different purposes of PIMs to the UX of the software.

From the website copywriting to the writing for the pitch deck, it was an incredible experience.

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