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Sikh Research Institute






SikhRI provides educational resources, in the form of courses, podcasts, videos, articles, and more, to Sikhs to lead a Guru-inspired life. ‍

Working with Sikh Research Institute over the past four years has been an incredible experience.

As their digital content coordinator, I've supported the organization through its digital advertising, content production, and website design updates. Working with Harinder Singh, Inni Kaur, and the rest of the SikhRI team has expanded both my skillset and knowledge of Sikhi.

SikhRI strives to inform and educate audiences on Sikhi. With each article, video, and podcast comes a topic that is both relevant to today and meaningful.

I credit the team for challenging me to consider the different avenues in which we can communicate Sikhi.

During my time with SikhRI, I have had the opportunity to design new webpages, execute social media strategy, and coordinate with a global team to produce content.

A major part of my role is reporting and taking such data to then drive the following content strategy. It's opened my eyes up to the many different ways in which we can create content and address audiences.

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