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The Guru Granth Sahib Project






The project enables global collaboration for Guru Granth Sahib’s annotation and exegesis. The process, when in full rhythm, will encompass the equivalent of at least fifteen full-time subject-matters experts (SMEs) to participate in the collaborative effort and curate content.

Working with The Guru Granth Sahib Project on their digital marketing has been an exciting experience. From the early design meetings, to the coordinating the design and development of the website.

It's been exciting getting to this point where it's all content marketing and software updates.

With a well-established target audience and religious subject matter, it's vital that we remained very sincere in our messaging.

In projects like these where we're connected to religion, we have to be careful about how we establish the brand and organization. I enjoyed working with the team, as they were all very open and giving with each meeting.

The innovation behind this project was the driving force for creating meaningful messaging and building as much interest as possible.

With each email campaign, social media post, and website update, we needed to be genuine in what our actions were.

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