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Manveer Dulay, Digital Marketing Specialist ®

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Navigate through a collection of carefully curated projects that showcase my expertise in user experience design.

From intuitive interfaces to seamless interactions, each project is a testament to my commitment to creating engaging and user-centric digital experiences.

Project Highlight

Completed BrainStation Diploma
Program in 2023
Maintained 5+ years of growth in the marketing industry

EQUATASK is a mobile digital product designed for iOS and Android, with the intention of revolutionizing household management through the promotion of fairness and transparency among roommates.

Ask SikhRI

The Ask SikhRI series cultivates a culture of learning and comprehension for individuals, whether Sikhs or non-Sikhs like yourself.

Serving a crucial role in dispelling misconceptions, promoting acceptance, and fostering open dialogue, it contributes significantly to enhancing your awareness and knowledge about Sikhi.

XV Training Academy

This project not only exemplifies my expertise in website design and development but also demonstrates a commitment to creating digital spaces that prioritize user satisfaction and engagement.

Highlighted is the transformation in usability, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly journey for every visitor. From streamlined registration processes to intuitive navigation, every aspect has been fine-tuned to elevate the user experience.


Informed by the 10 Usability Heuristics for User Interface Design, this project represents a journey through usability enhancements, focusing on clarity, efficiency, and overall user satisfaction.

Navigate through the revamped interface, where each screen reflects a strategic application of heuristic principles, resulting in improved navigation, intuitive interactions, and an elevated visual appeal.